The Particolari



We got on the podium of the Fedrigoni Top Award 2015, in the Packaging category, with the Particolari line by Maida. It will be because every single piece of the Particolari line is made by hand or because in every detail there is a story, our goal to be up to the product has been achieved. Maida is the art of preserving the good of the earth: we from the art of the earth of Franco Vastola have drawn heavily. Today the Maida square jars recognise them at the first glance: particular and unmistakable.
For this project we plunged into a territory rich in history, Paestum, one of the greatest architectural testimonies of Magna Graecia. And we went into details: a fresco, a portal, a bell tower. Then we studied the packaging to highlight the details of these images of Cilento, where everything was born, and to give more space to the view of the contents of the jars. So the labels, all on a black background, come to life from the photos of these details on top of the cap and develop vertically along with the graphics: to give a precise identity to each product and extend the side motifs on a base that makes them more expressive. Details that make the difference.

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