It’s written nju, it’s read niù

If only we could think of shapes with our eyes,
see the colours in music,
converge while diverging.
If only…

We work side by side because we believe in the infectiousness of ideas.
We are a shared brain, multiple intelligences: we disassemble and reassemble intuitions to create imagination. We combine experiences and suggestions lifted from many worlds. We are inspired by music, art, cinema. But also by comics, TV shows, books. And the bartender, the butcher and the queue at the supermarket. We look for alternative solutions to find what perhaps we were not looking for.

We are a Factory and there are many of us, but not too many.
We are a creative agency and we deal with Branding and Strategic Design. Yes, but what do we do? We give our clients the most effective tools to tell their audience about physical and digital spaces. We take an idea and dismantle it to study its potential, risks, audience and context. When everything becomes clear, we build a house around it, a visual universe that represents its identity. To our experience and professionalism we also add a whole range of freelance collaborators to support the client in every moment of communication. We grow because we never stop wondering.

We believe in the power of the imagination, in the mind which plays with everything.

We look at images and see stories, we read stories and hear music. We change the way we look at things. And everything else just follows naturally.




Eboli, Italy



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