Casa Marrazzo - identità e packaging

Casa Marrazzo is a family and a dynamic company at the same time. They preserved the authentic values ​​of the artisan conservation of local specialities from three generations. A project born in the heart of the Agro Nocerino Sarnese in the 70s with its roots in the early 1900s. They asked us the restyling of the brand and new packaging design for the traditional line, made up of canned goods, and for the line of products from organic farming. So we started from the origins ...
For the new brand of Casa Marrazzo we were inspired by the logos used by the food industry in the 1950s and we transposed it into a modern look. The lettering is tailor-made for the client and is affixed to the image of a ribbon, blue to serve as a backdrop. For the traditional line, the different types of products are designed with bright colours and vegetable figures that seem to jump out of the label in a game of contrasts. For the organic line, on the other hand, we wanted to represent the naturalness and simplicity of the raw materials with line drawings that, give space for black and white. To feel the flavours of the past with your eyes, in a journey between past and future.

Casa Marrazzo

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Casa Marrazzo - identity and packaging