l’olio delle Sirene

A myth, a lost city, and high-quality extra virgin olive oil are the protagonists of this tale. <br/><br/> To tell it, we have to start from afar, from 1865, when some important archaeological finds positioned the lost city of Terina close to one of the family's olive groves. <br/><br/> The myth of the Sirens of Ulysses links Terina to the Sirena Ligea, one of the three Sirens and that one who landed, pushed by the waves, on the Calabrian coasts. The mysterious profile on the label is her; it was taken from some coins found in that area and preserved in the Lametine Archaeological Museum. On the other hand, the earning is the shape of gear from the old oil mill. The irregular lines on the bottom are a reinterpretation of the decorations of the Magna Graecia ceramics. An ancient tale in modern packaging: a glass bottle painted in opaque white with silkscreen printing made by Vetroelite completed the project. <br/><br/> Also this time, the tale was already there... we just told it.

Tenute Cristiano

type of work:

Packaging design