Elegance at breakfast


Pasticceria Coppola

Pasticceria Coppola in Eboli is an institution, and its sweets and pastries can be recognised with your eyes closed: they asked us to give them a new image. The feminine touch and style evoked for us the atmosphere of a different age. We once again saw Audrey and breakfast on the fly, suspense-laden scenes and a Tiffany's window display. And so a tray of sweets becomes a jewellery box.
For Coppola we created packaging with an innovative typographic motif, designed from scratch. Working on elegance, refinement and quintessentiality, we came up with personalised letters redesigned one by one to create a type of condensed serif. Today the desserts are encased in pastel-coloured packages with a texture recognisable at first glance: various shades of purple with the brand displayed on boxes of various sizes. From the blue Tiffany to the purple Coppola: unmistakable identities.

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