Beauty playing with fire

De Martino is a family of kiln masters who for centuries has been working hand-made clay to create a unique cotto that comes to life in kilns a thousand years old: we are in Rufoli di Ogliara, a small fraction of Salerno. We have asked for a new logo and the design of the identity of their business. During a visit to the kilns, we discovered that next to each one is depicted St. Antuono, protector of fire and invoked with every clay firing. We have therefore chosen to base the whole identity of the brand on this essential element, which tells the whole approach of the De Martino artisans.
Our goal was to design a modern heraldry that represented the history and importance of De Martino. We have summarised the Sant'Antuono's iconography, overlapping it with the representation of the elements that make up ceramics: fire, soil, water and air. Thus, behind the saint depicted with miter, scripture and pastor with bell, you can see the four alchemical elements: an essentiality made of lines and patterns that, extrapolated from the logo, are recalled to create textures that have now become the unmistakable trait of packaging company. The colours chosen are those of terracotta and incandescent clay, burnt red the first, almost white to the second. The terracotta of men working with fire.

Fornace De Martino

type of work:

corporate identity


manufacturing, handicraft