Coffee makes me pensive

Caffèorchidea is a publishing house that catapults you to foreign places you feel you've lived in. It evokes tales from which you remember faces and colours, from the stories you lived even if you were never there. Like the Café Orquidea, the one next to the Jewish butcher's, in Lisbon: a meeting place born in the imagination of Antonio Tabucchi in his novel "Sostiene Pereira". The guys at Caffèorchidea are a bit like that: they've created a place where stories find a home, and they asked us to give a face and an order to that wonderful mixture of words and fantasy, history and literature. And they also took us to that café, where among a well-informed waiter, a naive journalist and some young revolutionaries, we saw the face of Marcello Mastroianni, who played Pereira for the director Roberto Faenza in the film adaptation of the book.
The visual identity of this young publishing house had to be just that: a highly recognisable pictogram with reduced dimensions, a simple logo, the stylised face of Marcello. We synthesised his profile and added a white corner, to suggest the edge of a page turning. They have recently started a series: "Novels and stories". A generic name but a well-studied identity, which wants to gather in a single incubator the plurality of languages ​​and the experimental vivacity of contemporary literature. We therefore thought of covers with the same layout, just two colours, conceptual illustrations and one element always in common: a white ellipse that can be recognised as the Sun or the Moon. Every aspect of the editorial layout was thought through, from the choice of characters to the line spacing, to ensure a comfortable reading experience. The story of a publisher is also - and above all - a story of meetings. And the one with the guys at Caffèorchidea allowed us straight away to think of books as truly precious objects, which preserve and reveal at first glance the beauty of the stories they contain. For us, it was love at first sight.


type of work:

branding, printing