In the heart of the Sannio, in Telese Terme, there is Krèsios: an elegant restaurant in an old stone building with a cellar made out of the black tuff, a journey of about 8000 bottles and 1700 labels. Giuseppe Iannotti, chef and creator of this unique reality, is a volcano of talent and innovation: a laborious and visionary man, he asked us to design identity and coordination of his creature, a place of experiences in which many worlds meet. So, from the logo to the visiting card to the website, we wanted to interpret his approach to the kitchen: essential and elegant, cosmopolitan and sophisticated. And we let ourselves be infected by that courage that makes us abandon the usual references and leads in imaginative dimensions.
Krèsios is one of the names of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, symbol of diversity, of madness, of pleasure: these are the elements that we wanted to summarise in the identity of Giuseppe Iannotti's restaurant. Mixing these scenarios to the chef's imaginary, the menus, the wine and water cards, the personalised tickets to give to the customers were born: because a dinner at Krèsios is an immersion in new worlds. Extreme minimalism in menus that are not lists of dishes to read but stories of the chef to listen to: the customer can choose between two proposals for culinary trips, which differ in price and number of courses. Thus, from the names of two characters from the film "The Hyenas" by Quentin Tarantino, "Mr. Pink "and" Mr. White ", flanked only by mathematical addition and subtraction signs: the sign - for the light version, + for the extended version. The images are references to the ingredients that are found in the dishes: so, the onions are transformed into concentric circles, a motif recalled also in the eye of the fish that form the pattern of tickets that the chef gives to his customers. The rigid covers that house the menus and the tickets themselves present the restaurant logo engraved with black and silver punches. The meal unfolds in a path in which Alfredo Buonanno, awarded the title of "Sommelier of the Year" for the Guide Restaurants L'Espresso, accompanies the diners in the combinations of food and drink. And we have drawn the wine, water and infusion cards with colours and patterns that make them recognisable at first sight. The wine list, in shades of purple, is an infographic with an overview of the choices in the cellar and uses shapes of glasses, bottles and bubbles; the water card, in light blue, takes up the pattern of the bubbles that in the paper of the infusions is replaced by stylised leaves on a yellow background. The card is always a Fedrigoni Sirio Colour. And finally, what you do not expect: before leaving, the menu just tasted is printed at the time for the customer: to preserve the experience of Krèsios once back home. And if you bend it the right way, following the cut lines, it becomes an origami in the shape of K.


type of work:

identity design