The Specials by pasta Alica

Pasta Alica: artisanal, low temperatures bronze-drawn, and slowly dried is, in itself, special as all the things made with care, wisdom and unique ingredients. However, the Alica pasta factory has raised the bar of quality by launching a line of products made with premium flours, wholemeal, organic, or selected from Italian excellence such as Senatore Cappelli.
Creating the best packaging for this precious pasta has been, for us, an honour to highlight the refinement of the project itself and the importance of each flour's personality. This challenge pushed us into turning the vintage and Mediterranean concept of the Pasta Alica's traditional line - into an even more original and elegant pack.

For this special edition, we thus chose a pack different in shape and material from a bag like a case. The overall visual maintains the brand's vintage look but outstands in elegance and originality.

Retro appeal is guarantees continuity with the concept of the traditional line but the realization puts the accent on the preciousness and uniqueness of the flours, each of which is distinct by a specific colour palette. The design plays with shapes and colours, polygons and patterns, and recalls both south Italy's cement tiles and the old papers of artisan pasta without reproducing them. The reference to the history is, in fact, intentionally only a suggestion, an elaborate homage resulting in a very contemporary and elegant visual identity rich in contrasts and alternations. Finally, each colour palettes, bold and joyful, is built upon shades of yellow, ocher or gold to recall the colour of the wheat also symbolized by the synthetic illustrations of the ears.

Everything - the concept, the colours, the signs and the shapes - is, thought to revolve around what has the most centrality in this product: the ingredient.


type of work:

Pasta packaging design