Lechburg: identity and packaging

Lechburg is the first organic farm reality in the heart of Transylvania, started by a family from Northern Italy, with an innate passion for wine. An adventure started in 1962 and carried on by generations of winemakers, culminating in the planting of new vineyards in the wine-growing area of ​​Lechinta, an enchanted territory in the historic heart of Romania. We worked on the new identity and packaging for the company starting from that heart.
From the study of the traditions of this land rich in history and legends, we found the element that captured our attention: the traditional costumes full of colour and joy that Romanian girls and boys still wear on February 24, the day of the ancient feast of love, when Dragobete is celebrated. We have reinterpreted the bright colours of the party dresses to dress the wine labels: vivid and contrasting colours for stripes alternated with floral patterns and highlighted by a silver foil to depict figures of men and women with soft and essential curves. The result is a flash of light on a PANTONE Warm Gray 5U background, a neutral and opaque colour. The paper is a 120 grams Fedrigoni Freelife Merida. The logo reminds of the tower with the clock of the church of Lechinta: we used the lines of the pyramidal structure of the roof to design the graphics of the brand, to dictate cuts in a game of full and empty spaces on the basis of a logotype that blends contrasts with custom-designed lettering.
Something is branded in the state of Transylvania.


type of work:

identity, packaging