Monache Rosse

"If you go to the peeled tomatoes department, if you go, you'll see girls who look like red nuns. Over the hooves stopped to drain the water, splashed with seeds of sauce, peels on the chest, on the neck, on the head wrapped up in the red cotton handkerchief ... " Red Nuns is a project promoted by Villa Raiano and Raffaele Vitale to give substance back to forgotten flavours. We decided together to tell it with the verses of the forgotten Poet, Gabriele Sellitti: a raw and warm voice, to rediscover the melancholy of gestures that are disappearing.
The graphic declination is an oblique label, reminiscent of the corners of the "maccaturo", the traditional headgear worn by the women who picked and selected the tomatoes in the fields: the red nuns, in fact. A dry, elegant, synthetic choice, to give ample space to the sight of a high-end product. The lettering is personalised, black on white, devoid of non-substantial elements; the logo on the top of the cap is a monogram that reverses the colours and summarises the brand, adding value to the pack. To bring to the table the exclusive purity of an ancient flavour, the one that feeds the memories.

Villa Raiano

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