"Scudi" wines line

Mustilli is a historic winery of Sant'Agata de' Goti who asked us to work on the restyling of the logo and the image of the base line of its wines: our project started from the study of the territory to tell the story and the identity of a family and its roots.
Middle Ages, history and territory in the new design of the Cantine Mustilli wine labels. The inspiration came from the most characteristic elements of the "pearl of the Sannio": the water of the Isclero river, the crown with which Sant'Agata is depicted, the Ariella hill in the shape of a pyramid, the icon of the bridge that crosses the village medieval. Visual elements that highlight the history of the area and complement each other in the icon of the Mustilli family: the shield. And precisely by studying the heraldic coat of arms of the Mustilli family, a sign of family identity and already the company's brand, we thought about the restyling of the logo: drying its features and lightening it in the graphic composition to fully transmit the corporate identity.

Cantine Mustilli

type of work:

corporate identity, packaging