Tucking the covers in

Just one more bedtime story so the children can put off going to bed, just one more to postpone the day when they'll be all grown up. Nuceria Group is a packaging and label company, among other things. We came up with a business card which evokes stories where the imagination can run free. The idea is a collection of labels and sleeves combined into a pack to give the company a portfolio to present to potential clients. So we came up with stories and images recalling historic moments connected to the world of Wine & Spirits, and added a dollop of imagination. And that's how Winston champagne, Volver rum, and the Berlin beer 1989 came into being. The perfect cover for the history that's inside every bottle and just waiting to be poured.
Self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves on high-end backings with ultra-premium finishes. The Winston label is embossed and painted with hot gold; the chardonnay has a silver foil on Avery Dennison-style fibres; Volver has a case with a snap-on bottom that recalls the grooves of wood and the colours of Cuba and goes back to the label. Beer and vodka, on the other hand, are precious sleeves. On the first, gold dominates: yellow, red and white; the second is ice silver, changing color depending on the light and concealing secrets in Braille. Precious and virtuous stories: all the packaging is in fact low environmental impact. Because green is more than a colour.


type of work:

printing, packaging, branding


brand product