Wine label series

A windy hill with a tuff and clay land, flying leaves, and a carefree stepping bull. Where many would have seen nothing, they planted a vineyard and gave birth to a winery: Cantine Aita. This is how their wines are born: a mix of vision and patience, a bet on blending with the context. Cantine Aita's new wine labels' project brings together all the small pieces of the vineyard’s history. The leitmotif of the new brand identity is a stone smoothed by the water, like many can be found around the vineyards, telling us stories of a time when the land was kissed by the river. On the labels, there are also drawn an oak leaf, like the ones blowing in the wind, and silhouettes of a bovine and a fish: two witnesses of the history of the land. These small primordial signs represent part of the vineyard ecosystem and give us an overall vision of it, full of suggestions, on each bottle. The denomination and the year are placed sideways and vertically to better orienting among the wines. The labels are die-cut, printed on hand-made paper and embellished with gold and silver foils, plus a glossy UV. The warm colours play with the transparency of the glass, giving the bottles impulse and elegance.


type of work:

wine labels